The Instrument

p²chanter - Electronic Bagpipes ChanterThe p²chanter is an electronic musical instrument designed for bagpipe practice. In size and hole distance, it corresponds to a conventional (long) bagpipe practice chanter. But as its name implies, there is much more to it: just insert the optional pressure sensor, and your practice chanter turns into a unique electronic bagpipe chanter!

The stylish, comfortable instrument is equipped with built-in speakers and offers a selection of different sounds, such as Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe (SSP) and whistle. Each sound was sampled from the actual analog instrument for faithful digital reproduction.

The p²chanter features a headphone jack to facilitate practice anytime and anywhere without disturbing others – even on the bus!

The optional pressure sensor turns the p²chanter into a bagpipe chanter, transforming conventional bagpipes into electronic bagpipes. In this mode, sound production is controlled via the actual air pressure inside the bag. This allows you to practice fingering and blowing technique simultaneously, at the volume of your choice or via headphones. Air consumption can be adjusted by turning the valve ring of the sensor to create a realistic playing experience.

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