What does the ² in ‘p²chanter’ stand for?
The p²chanter is a smart multifunctional instrument: out of the box, it works as a regular electronic practice chanter, but with the insertion of the optional pressure sensor module, it becomes a pipe chanter ready to be fitted to your bagpipe.

The Power LED of my p²chanter flashes briefly in red or green.
The batteries are low and should be replaced soon. When using normal, non-rechargeable batteries, you may continue to use the p²chanter for as long as the sound remains undistorted. Replace the batteries as soon as you notice distortion.
To avoid damage resulting from deep discharge, rechargeable batteries must be replaced as soon as the Power LED indicates low battery voltage, even if the sound is still flawless.

The p²chanter does not react to my fingers after I’ve switched it on.
The sensitivity of the p²chanter’s finger contacts is automatically adjusted to skin resistance, making sure that individual differences in skin moisture do not affect the function of the instrument. However, if you happen to touch the contacts while switching on the p²chanter, they sometimes may not properly distinguish between touch and no touch. In this case, briefly lift your fingers from the contacts to allow for a recalibration.

My p²chanter cannot be switched off/does not react when I push its buttons.
Remove the batteries and wait for ca. 30 seconds before re-inserting them. Make sure the batteries are not empty. If the problem persists, please contact us using our contact form.

There are audio dropouts while using the pressure sensor kit at high volume.
Because of the increased current demand in pipe chanter mode with turned on speakers, audio distortion and dropouts may occur. To avoid it, please reduce the volume by a few steps or use speakers with external power supply.

My p²chanter doesn’t react / makes uncommon sounds (e.g. clicking).
Most errors of this type are caused by low or empty batteries. If the problem persists with fresh batteries, please perform a factory reset of the p²chanter (hold down the [Menu] button while turning on the p²chanter). If this doesn’t correct the error, please contact us using our contact form.

Why should I not use rechargeable batteries?
The p²chanter continues to function even if the batteries are running very low. In case of rechargeable batteries, this increases the risk of deep discharge, which would damage the batteries beyond repair. We therefore strongly advise against their use. If nevertheless you decide to use rechargeable batteries, always make sure to replace or recharge them at the first instance of a low battery warning (Power LED flashes in intervals of approximately 5 seconds).

The Mode LED is on, but the Power LED is off.
The p²chanter is in Firmware Update mode. Remove the batteries and re-insert them without touching any button on the instrument.

The Power LED lights up in red and I cannot start the instrument using the contacts on the back.
The p²chanter is in Pipe Chanter mode (pressure-controlled playing). Briefly push the Power button to return to the Practice Chanter mode (Power-LED changes into green).

The Mode LED is yellow or red and I cannot change the volume.
The p²chanter is in the Settings menu. Push the [Menu] button briefly (repeat if necessary), until the Mode LED goes out.

I hear a steady clicking and cannot change the volume.
The metronome is activated. If the metronome is running while the chanter sound is switched off, the [Vol +/-] buttons serve to adjust the metronome speed. To change the volume of the metronome, touch the [Drones] contact while pushing the [Vol +/-] buttons. To change the overall volume of the p²chanter, you must first stop the metronome or start the chanter.

How do I restore the original settings of my p²chanter?
To restore the p²chanter to its factory settings, you must first switch it off. Then hold down the [Menu] button down while switching the instrument back on by pushing the [Power] button. The p²chanter is started using the default settings.

I cannot hear the drones.
There are several possible reasons for this:

  • The volume of the drones was set too low.
  • The metronome is activated (to toggle between drones and metronome, hold down the [Menu] button for > 1 sec.
  • The selected instrument does not offer drone sounds (e.g. whistle).

The long mouthpiece gets in the way when I’m using the lanyard. Can the p²chanter be shortened?
The slender upper part of the mouthpiece can be unscrewed when not needed. This reduces the length of the p²chanter by approximately 9 cm.

Are other instrument sounds available for the p²chanter?
Additional instrument alternatives will be made available through firmware updates. Any future updates can be downloaded directly from our website.

Will I be able to upgrade the software of my p²chanter (firmware) myself?
Yes, you can perform any firmware upgrades yourself. Whenever a new version of the software is released, you will find it in the Download section of our website together with installation instructions.

I have a question that is not answered on this page.
Please let us know through our contact form.