Bagpipe Chanter Mode

p²chanter - Electronic Bagpipe Chanter
The Bagpipe Chanter mode is made available by inserting the optional pressure sensor module and converts your analog bagpipe into an electronic bagpipe. In this mode, sound generation is based on the air pressure measured by the sensor. This enables you to practice arm and blowing coordination together with finger technique. The pressure thresholds for chanter and drones are defined separately. Air consumption can be adjusted by turning the valve ring of the sensor module.

When playing your bagpipe with the p²chanter, you can use its drones for accompaniment or mute them with corks.

A special feature of the Pipe Chanter mode is Steady Blowing Training: the p²chanter monitors the pressure inside the bag and signals any deviation from the set value range. The sensitivity of the pressure monitoring is adjustable.